Table Cloths
table cloths

Table Cloths

We offer a wide variety of tablecloths in a stunning array of fabric, colors and styles. Fabrics available are Momi weave (Cotton), Spun poly (Domestic and Import) and Basic Poly. Spun poly is easy to maintain, Wrinkle free and needs no ironing. Basic poly is cost effective and comes in 64 attractive colors. Needs no ironing either.

Tablecloths come in standard sizes to fit Round tables, Square tables and Banquet tables. Please click to determine the right size of tablecloth suited for your table. Tablecloths can have either standard drop (12") or lap level (15") or upto ground level(29"-30"). Any other desired size can be custom made with minimum turn-around time.

To determine the size of your cloth you need to know:

The dimensions of your table (length & width or diameter) The desired drop:

  • 10"-12" to lap level
  • 15" for standard banquet tables
  • 29"-30" to the floor